Binningup community objects to GM Giacci Family Trust's limestone pit proposal

Much to the local community's chagrin, the GM Giacci Family Trust is continuing its efforts to build a new limestone quarry and crushing facility in Binningup.

Last month saw the Harvey Shire Council formally reject the company's proposal to extract limestone at Lot 4 Binningup Road over a five-year period.

The application proposed the extraction of approximately 20,000 cubic-metres of limestone per year.

In response, the GM Giacci Family Trust sent an application to the State Administrative Tribunal to have the council's decision overturned.

MGM Bulk Pty Ltd manager, business development and sales Craig Carbone said he and the company would fight to secure the necessary approvals.

Mr Carbone added that the proposal would provide essential resources for Binningup and for the wider South-West region.

"I believe the State Administrative Tribunal will see it for what it is, and will overturn the council's decision," he said.

"There has been a lot of misinformation and a lot of stirred-up anxiety, which has all been a bit unnecessary."

Earlier this week, the Binningup Community Action Group and the Conservation Council of Western Australia referred the proposal to the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority.

"Clearly this proposal is of great concern to locals and raises significant environmental risks that should be examined before any further decisions are made," CCWA director Piers Verstegen said.

The Binningup Community Action Group has staged numerous protests against the proposal over the past few months.

In August, the group sent a petition with almost 700 signatures to WA's State Parliament.

Binningup resident and group representative Hovea Wilkes said the proposal would significantly affect the local community, the Yalgorup Plain, and the surrounding lakes area.

"There has been very little community consultation about this project but from what we understand it is likely to cause major impacts on Binningup residents, including dust, noise, and impacts from frequent heavy truck movements on our local roads," she said.

"Houses and even a proposed school site are located less than 500 metres from the planned quarry and the Binningup community does not want this area to be turned into an industrial area."

Murray-Wellington MLA Robyn Clarke, who tabled the petition, was contacted for comment but was unable to respond in time for publication.

Shire of Harvey president Paul Gillett was not able to comment on the matter at this time.