White Ribbon Day March Bunbury 2020 | Photos

The 2020 White Ribbon Day march in Bunbury saw its biggest crowd to mark the occasion.

Every year the White Ribbon Day committee call on the community to participate in the silent march and stand up to violence against women and children.

This year was particularly poignant with the rate of domestic violence levels being the highest in 30 years due to COVID-19.

The ANZAC park ceremony included South West Aboriginal Medical Service's Justin Brown as guest speaker.

Mr Brown spoke about his experience with domestic violence and how brothers need to help each other out in changing behaviour.

South West police spoke about the meaning of coercive control and how it was often more harmful than physical abuse.

The elements of coercive control include isolation, emotional abuse, using the children against the victim, economic abuse and male privilege.

One of the problems of coercive control is that it is not a crime unless the actions are physical and or sexual.

If you need to talk to someone contact 1800RESPECT or Men's Helpline on 1800 000 599.