South West superintendent urges everyone stay safe on the roads

South West superintendent Geoff Stewart.
South West superintendent Geoff Stewart.

South West Superintendent Geoff Stewart will be providing Mail readers with a monthly column on regional crime issues.

This month, he calls on the community to make a commitment to stay safe on the roads.

I started typing out the obligatory message from the District Superintendent on road safety for the coming festive season and New Year and began writing about the commitment on our part in making the roads and community safe.

Half way through I stopped and realised it was just a rehash of previous years.

So, having deleted all that I had written, let me say this.

Take it as a given we will be out there, just the same as our emergency services brothers and sisters and our incredible health workers.

The same ones who give up their precious time each year to do nothing other than to serve their communities and help those that come to grief.

We will target the things that cause the most risk on the roads, including speeding, drink and drug driving, no seatbelts, mobile phones and other distractions.

I won't go on because I am starting to revert to the annual obligatory message again.

You know we do these things. You see us each year, especially during the peak periods, including the festive season and New Year.

What I want to know instead is what is your part in all of this?

What are you going to do?

Are you committed to keeping yourselves, your families and other road users safe and free from trauma?

I know who will be and that is the unfortunate members of the community who saw first hand in the recent fatalities we have endured what the terrible and real impact is.

Our hearts go out to the affected families who lost loved ones and unless we have experienced it, we can only imagine the pain they have.

None of us want this to happen to any other person or family.

So, I will ask again. Are you committed?

Commitment comes in many forms including you not indulging in risk road behaviours yourself but also talking with your family and friends to gain their support in doing the same.

And if you see someone doing the wrong thing, let the police know so we can bring it their attention.

I would much rather we have a chat with them and curb their behaviour rather than it going unchecked and disaster follows.

Please, have a great festive season and New Year and stay safe....please.