The Informer: When complex concepts deserve more than just cheap talk

When complex concepts deserve more than just cheap talk

If we were within cooee of watercoolers, all the talk would likely be about free speech, misinformation and accountability this week.

That's what the ever-evolving (ever-terrifying) analysis of events at the US Capitol has seemingly encouraged. Sometimes the discussion has been mature, other times less so.

The Canberra Times' senior political reporter Harley Dennett cleared up any uncertainties when he quoted ACT Labor MP Andrew Leigh today. The politician was asked about free speech and incitement to violence.

"It's very important that we allow people to have a diversity of views, but it's also important that we don't have platforms inciting violence," Mr Leigh responded.

That was a different approach to the one acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack has taken on consecutive days this week. He doubled down on comparing the assault on the US Capitol with Black Lives Matter protests against racial injustice and accused the groups that criticised him of "feigned indignation".

In other news a man who threatened two Australian MPs on social media had his house raided by a specialist police squad today. He was charged, granted conditional bail and ordered to appear in a NSW court again next month.

Meanwhile as the latest ripple of COVID cases in Australia is beginning to ease, Victoria recorded its sixth consecutive day without a new locally acquired case and NSW had just five new cases of community transmission.

It's in stark contrast to Malaysia which declared a state of emergency across the country to curb the spread of COVID-19.

King Al-Sultan Abdullah announced a nationwide travel ban and a 14-day lockdown in the capital Kuala Lumpur and five states, saying the country's healthcare system was at breaking point.

And just to be sure, the state of emergency will continue until August 1. August 1, 2021, yes. (Or earlier, the fine print read, depending on the state of coronavirus infections).

And, just to underline our relatively healthy state of affairs, the ACT lifted travel restrictions on greater Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Central Coast earlier today.

There are now only 11 Sydney LGAs in western Sydney and northern beaches where travel to and from the ACT requires an exemption.

Though South Australia is not quite convinced and has retained its border rules for NSW and Queensland residents while Victoria has opted for a "traffic light system" for everywhere beyond its borders.

Bit confused yet? Hang in there, it's only Tuesday.

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