Shire of Harvey receives grant to protect Binningup sand dunes

Work will commence in the coming months on the sand dunes in Binningup.
Work will commence in the coming months on the sand dunes in Binningup.

FENCING and native planting is what the Shire of Harvey hopes will rehabilitate the sand dunes at Binningup beach.

In partnership with the Binningup Coastcare and Environment Group, the shire recently received a $25,000 grant that will see the construction of sand fences.

For installment on sand dunes located at the northern and southern ends of Binningup beach, the hope of the rehabilitation is to protect the dunes from human interference.

Shire of Harvey President, Paul Gillett said the project was an important initiative to ensure that the coastline and sand dunes will be protected for future generations.

"We're lucky to have an active community in Binningup to help drive these projects and we thank them for their ongoing support," President Gillett said.

Shire of Harvey Environmental Officer Samantha Pickering recently met with Binningup Coastcare and Environment Group members in front of the sand dunes at Binningup Beach.

It was decided that in addition to fencing, jute matting and shade cloth will be installed to further assist with the reinstallment of the sand dunes.

Native seedlings collected from within the shire will also be planted along the dune area in the next few months.

The shire will also translocate spinifex plants from other places in the dune systems to help with the rehabilitation of the sites.

A community consultation day will be held in the coming months by the Shire of Harvey so residents can ask questions and understand how they can get involved.

Binningup residents are reminded to refrain from entering the sand dunes.

Interested in joining the Binningup Coastcare and Environment Group?

To get involved contact co-convener Pam Bremner on 0408 663 716.