Bunbury residents not happy with state of Horseshoe Lake

RESIDENTS are calling on the the City of Bunbury to improve the 'disgusting' state of Horseshoe Lake in East Bunbury.

Overgrown vegetation, tree pollution and dead grass are just a handful of concerns that residents have taken to the city since 2017.

A resident who asked to remain anonymous, has lived on Fairway Crescent for three years and said residents don't use the lake because they're not happy with the condition of it.

"We would like to use the lake a lot more but it's not enjoyable for people to go there. The contractor has dropped the ball; the grass is overgrown and is so spongy and thick," he said.

A Parks and Reserves Officer from the City met with the resident at Horseshoe Lake on April 15 to discuss the maintenance of the park going forward.

It was found that Horseshoe Lake was leased from the city to a private contractor three years ago.

The resident told the Mail that the officer verbally agreed that the appearance of the lake was not at an acceptable standard.

"He also agreed to review the frequency of maintenance to the lake from monthly to fortnightly, as well as de-thatch the lawn and brush cut the high grass growth at the edge of the lake," the resident said.

The City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said Horseshoe Lake was maintained by city contractors on a monthly basis.

Despite the Parks and Reserves Officer verbally agreeing to improve the maintenance on the lake due to the contractor having 'dropped the ball', Mr Brennan said unseasonable rainfall had impacted the contractor's schedule.

"The rain followed by hot and humid weather resulting in faster than normal growth has understandably had an impact on the lake's maintenance recently," he said.

Another resident who has lived on Fairway Crescent for 35 years, said she had been lobbying the City for years about the state of the lake as well as issues around trees surrounding the edge of the lake's perimeter.

Mayor Brennan added that because of rainfall, the contractor is now catching up on the mowing at the lake, so additional works such as whipper snipping around the lake and other assets will be rescheduled for a later date.

"The city has committed to getting the contractor to spend more time at Horseshoe Lake during the next scheduled service to ensure the area is presented to an appropriate standard."

The City of Bunbury is currently in the process of developing a Public Open Space Strategy which will provide direction on how the City's parks are developed and maintained into the future.