Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh runs for 2021 Bunbury Council elections

Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh's three values for his campaign are compassion, creativity and community.
Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh's three values for his campaign are compassion, creativity and community.

A well-known, Bunbury doctor is hoping to bring diversity and creativity to the City of Bunbury if elected in the 2021 Council Elections.

Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh is a geriatrician and physician by profession, but hopes to add Bunbury councilor to the list if elected for one of the six available spots on October 16.

Having lived in Bunbury for over ten years, 2021 marks the first time Dr Ramesh will run for Council.

He said in addition to working as a local doctor and as a husband and father of two, he always found time for the community and causes close to his heart.

"I am in touch with the needs of our diverse community and pride myself on my most valued attribute - an ability and willingness to listen," Dr Ramesh said.

"I volunteer and hold leadership roles with the Stride for Stroke Foundation, Movember Men's Health Group, Mother's Day Breast Cancer Walk, Spice Warriors Indoor Cricket team and South West Indian Group.

"I would like to help represent the City of Bunbury's future and if nominated, I'm looking forward to helping contribute to the cities development and the future as part of a big team, the Bunbury Council."

Dr Ramesh was born in Chennai, South India and has since travelled all over the world.

He said the valuable life experience he had gained through working around the world, would assist him in taking a collaborative and creative approach to decision making in local government.

"I'm looking at bringing vibrance to the Bunbury Council. I thought this was an opportune moment to be able to contribute something to our community," he said.

"I have a sense of belonging in both Bunbury and the South West community. Being nominated would mean bringing a bit more diversity to the cultural vibrancy that we have in Bunbury, which is evolving in the South West, Perth and throughout Western Australia.

To find out more about Dr Ramesh's campaign, visit https://www.facebook.com/drrameshforbunbury.

"With your support, I look forward to fostering a brighter future for this beautiful city which we are lucky to call home."

The other councillor candidates are Mark Chadwick, Tresslyn Smith, Matt Foreman, Ben Andrew, Marina Quain, Daniel Singleton, Dave Chandler, Wayne Chattillon, Michelle Steck, Jaysen De San Miguel, Karen Steele and Gabi Ghassab.

The other mayoral candidates are Michelle Steck, Amanda Yip, Cheryl Kozisek, Betty McCleary, Jaysen San DeMiguel, David Kerr, Michael Southwell, Alfred Leigh, Tresslyn Smith and Gabi Ghassab.