Jaysen De San Miguel runs for 2021 Bunbury Council elections

Jaysen De San Miguel will run for Bunbury mayor as well as re contest for councillor.

Jaysen De San Miguel will run for Bunbury mayor as well as re contest for councillor.

Current Bunbury deputy mayor Jaysen De San Miguel will both re contest his position as councillor as well as campaign for Bunbury mayor in the 2021 local government elections.

With six councillor vacancies up for grabs, Cr De San Miguel has eight years of experience as a City of Bunbury councillor and four years as deputy mayor.

Cr De San Miguel said he was running to re contest as councillor and run for mayor due to his love of Bunbury and passion for seeing the city develop in a positive way.

"I know what is required to handle the challenges of the position and I believe the mayor needs to be energic and enthused about the future. I can bring that to the role," Cr De San Miguel said.

"I'm motivated to run due to the fact that I have the business skills, experience and energy to commit to the role and will do so in the best interest of the community."

Born and raised in Bunbury, Cr De San Miguel spent a year in Perth studying before returning to his home town.

He works as an accountant at Eastman & Co Accountants, a position he has been in for the last nine years.

His grandfather is Graham Bricknell, the former deputy mayor of Bunbury.

When asked what he felt was lacking in the City of Bunbury, Cr De San Miguel said projects were often talked about, but never eventuated in reality.

"We need to see things through. I recognise some things can be outside our control (state or federal funding) but we need to continue to push and work with our sitting members to get these projects completed."

"I would also like to see a stronger emphasis on encouraging development and investment. We have a number of underutilised holdings around out city and I think we need to be talking to owners and/or occupiers about ways we can see development.

"This could be in the form of city investment in infrastructure or potentially incentivising private investment," Cr De San Miguel said.

Personally, Cr De San Miguel has been president of the Colts Cricket Club for the last seven years.

He said on his day off he can be found playing golf or cricket, or down at the beach with his dogs.

To find out more about Jaysen De San Miguel's campaign, visit https://www.facebook.com/Miguel4Mayor.

The other mayoral candidates are Michelle Steck, Amanda Yip, Cheryl Kozisek, Betty McCleary, Jaysen San DeMiguel, David Kerr, Michael Southwell, Alfred Leigh, Tresslyn Smith and Gabi Ghassab.

Mark Chadwick, Tresslyn Smith, Matt Foreman, Ben Andrew, Marina Quain, Daniel Singleton, Dave Chandler, Wayne Chattillon, Michelle Steck, Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh, Karen Steele and Gabi Ghassab.