Gabi Ghasseb runs for 2021 City of Bunbury mayor and council

City of Bunbury mayor and council candidate Gabi Ghasseb. Photo is supplied.

City of Bunbury mayor and council candidate Gabi Ghasseb. Photo is supplied.

"My dream is to see the Bunbury Region develop into a major metropolis."

This is what mayoral and council candidate Gabi Ghasseb hopes to see if he is elected on October 16, 2021.

Mr Chasseb migrated with his parents and siblings from Lebanon in 1970.

He, along with his siblings grew up and went to school in Bunbury.

"My Mum and Dad worked extremely hard including running Drooleys Pizza Lounge, a Bunbury icon, for many years," he said.

Mr Ghasseb met his wife in Syria and they were married in 1996 and have five children all born in Bunbury.

His motivation to run for mayor and council stems from his family and business background.

"I have advocated for many years on many issues for our community and our region," he said.

In order for Bunbury to be a 'major metropolis' Mr Ghasseb said it would need the necessary infrastructure, education, health care and services that a major community deserves.

"This would enhance family life, keep families here and together, and strengthen small businesses," he said.

Mr Ghasseb's professional background includes business administration, engineering, design and project management and has completed three units of law at Murdoch Univeristy.

Mr Ghasseb said the biggest thing missing in Bunbury was tertiary education and career opportunities.

"Our region loses many young people to Perth for these reasons," he said.

"These young people should theoretically studying and working here."

Mr Ghasseb also believes it is important for Bunbury to attract corporate and government departments to the area.

"The staff contemplating relocating are reluctant if tertiary education for their children is lacking," he said.

But at the end of the day, Mr Ghasseb said he was grateful to live in Bunbury.

"It sounds like a cliché, but we truly live in the best region, of the best state, of the best nation on earth," he said.

"There is an immense window of opportunity to build this region for our children's future."

In Mr Ghasseb's spare time such as a Saturday morning, he cleans the house and in the afternoon goes out somewhere with his family.

"Sunday mornings normally is church, followed by an extended family and friends lunch. Afternoon would be visiting or trail bike rides," he said.

The mayoral candidates are Michelle Steck, Cheryl Kozisek, Betty McCleary, Jaysen San DeMiguel, David Kerr, Michael Southwell, Alfred Leigh, Tresslyn Smith and Amanda Yip.

The other councillor candidates are Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh, Tresslyn Smith, Matt Foreman, Ben Andrew, Marina Quain, Daniel Singleton, Dave Chandler, Wayne Chattillon, Mark Chadwick, Michelle Steck, Jaysen De San Miguel, Karen Steele.