Wayne Chattillon runs for 2021 City of Bunbury council election

Wayne Chattillon is running in the 2021 City of Bunbury council election. Photo is supplied.

Wayne Chattillon is running in the 2021 City of Bunbury council election. Photo is supplied.

Wayne Chattillon has tossed his 'proverbial hat' into the ring to run as a councillor for the 2021 City of Bunbury elections.

Mr Chattillon relocated to Bunbury from Rockingham in 2019 with his twin brother, Brian.

He is the second of non-identical twins to Evelyn June Chattillon who sadly passed away in 2011 to cancer and father Dirk Chattillon who immigrated to Western Australia from Holland in 1942.

A frequent visitor to barbecues in Carey Park, Mr Chattillon said his main beliefs were around the community and being humble.

"I believe in the council being accountable and responsible for the community and the people of Bunbury," Mr Chattillon said.

"Councillors should service the community and residents. I have goals of lower rates, free parking 24/7, no tickets, fees or fines in the cbd and more community involvement."

If elected, Mr Chattilon said he would focus on the current homelessness situation in Bunbury including setting up a community kitchen and shelters.

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"I will do my absolute best to be the voice for the community and the people of Bunbury. I believe that with councillors working with and alongside the community, we could make Bunbury the number one city for family and tourism.

"Bunbury has a wonderful history with such people as Bunbury's own Sir John Forest and surveyor T C Carey, who so happens so have been the first chairman of the Bunbury Municipal Council."

In 2020, Mr Chattillon became a registered beekeeper with the Western Australian Apiarists' Society and tends to his one beehive on his property.

"I'm mostly at home or I can be found going to Bunbury IGA from time to time."

The other councilor candidates are Mark Chadwick, Tresslyn Smith, Ben Andrew, Karen Steele, Marina Quain, Daniel Singleton, Matt Foreman, Dave Chandler, Michelle Steck, Jaysen De San Miguel, Dr Parthasarathy Ramesh and Gabi Ghasseb.

The mayoral candidates are Michelle Steck, Amanda Yip, Cheryl Kozisek, Betty McCleary, Jaysen San De Miguel, Michael Southwell, Alfred Leigh, Tresslyn Smith, David Kerr and Gabi Ghasseb.