WA government starts the sale process of the TAB for second time

State government calls for interest for sale of TAB

The sale of WA's TAB has recommenced after the process was suspended in 2020 due to COVID-19.

In September 2019, the state government started the sale process, calling for expressions of interest.

The original plan proposed that 35 per cent of the net sale proceeds would be dedicated to a racing infrastructure fund.

The remaining 65 per cent of the net sale would have gone to a new women's and maternity hospital in Perth.

However, a state government spokesperson said since the sale of the TAB was first initiated, the change in market conditions prompted the need to re-evaluate the most effective model support the industry into the future.

"The WA Government is willing to look at a model where the entire value associated with the transaction will go to the WA racing industry," the spokesperson said.

"Under the revised model, the licencee would not have the contractual obligation to fund the WA racing industry.

"The precise model will not be known until a binding offer is reached.

"The industry will be consulted as part of this process."

A Racing and Wagering WA media release stated the announcement was an opportunity to test the market with the aim of establishing whether a sale would be in the best interests of the racing industry.

Should an appropriate arrangement be negotiated which is in the long term interests of the industry and the State, a new wagering operator is expected to be in place towards the end of 2022.

The racing industry will continue to be engaged and consulted as the process progresses, with RWWA to initiate outreach sessions with stakeholder groups.