54 Sheridan Avenue, Adamstown Heights for sale after astonishing renovation

It's Newcastle, but not as you know it.

At the end of Sheridan Avenue's cul-de-sac in Adamstown Heights, number 54 looks in keeping with the rest of the street.

You wouldn't know it was actually a doorway to one of the area's most spectacular treetop locations.

This year, owners Rebecca Phillips and Phil Randall have lovingly completed a wide-ranging renovation.

It's gone so well, they had to reconsider plans to move into a Sky Residences apartment in Newcastle.

"We were debating whether to sell in the end - we got to the point that we were considering selling the unit and staying here," Ms Phillips said.

"Because of all the work we've done to it you can see the lifestyle you can have here - it's practically new again."

According to "urban legend", a two-bedroom Hudson house originally sat on the 1138 square metre property.

Its then-owner, a structural engineer, was involved in a major extension of the John Hunter Hospital.

He and his architect sister-in-law came up with an idea to extend the property, which now houses four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a treetop utility room and an in-ground pool that sits snugly on the side of a slope.

The pool is spectacularly lit at night, and functions as an extension of the kitchen and living room.

The living room is made especially fluid for the fact that the house's only TV is hidden within the ceiling.

This exterior room, perfect for a home office, sits nestled under a macadamia tree.

This exterior room, perfect for a home office, sits nestled under a macadamia tree.

At the command of a remote, it drops down to eye level and swivels to face any direction.

Timber and glass features link the interior together and the property manages to spread across virtually five levels without you ever noticing stairs.


For everything that has been renovated and re-designed inside, Ms Phillips says there is no denying the home's best feature.

"It's all about the bush - the bush is the feature of the house as far as I'm concerned.

"The ability to live indoor-outdoor ... it's a house that's good for the soul."

The house marked the pair's "first big renovation".

The trees reflect onto the pool at night.

The trees reflect onto the pool at night.

Mr Randall said he was most pleased with the property's indoor-outdoor flow.

"It's a big family home, but it's also a place that professionals can use as well," he said.

"One of the nice things for a family - especially if you've got young children - is you can be cooking or whatever and you've got a direct line to the pool, everything's right there."

The property will got to auction on December 5 with First National Newcastle City's George Rafty, who likened it to living in the Blue Mountains.

Expectations are between $1.85 million and $1.95 million.

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