Bunbury Regional Hospital to receive new hospital beds in preparation for living with COVID-19

Bunbury Regional Hospital to receive new beds

BUNBURY Regional Hospital has been named one of the four hospitals in the state to receive new modular hospital beds to meet the demands of and prepare the community for living with COVID-19.

As announced by the Western Australian government on November 23, Osborne Park Hospital, Rockingham General Hospital and Bentley Health Service will also receive the beds.

Each site will house a new 30 bed modular ward facility, delivering an additional 120 beds to enhance bed capacity across the Western Australian health system.

These form part of 270 additional hospital beds announced in early November.

The 270 new beds, costing approximately $206.8 million, will be supported by $191.2 million to fund 410 extra nurses and more than 180 extra doctors working in hospital wards across the state.

Health Minister Roger Cook said the beds were "another tool in Western Australia's arsenal" against COVID-19.

"A first of its kind for the WA health system, the 120 new beds will allow us to continue to surge and remain agile in the face of this pandemic."

Modular hospital beds have been used successfully throughout the world during the COVID-19 pandemic and offer a clinically safe, expedited option over bricks and mortar site construction.

The delivery of the four modular facilities, which is part of the 270 new beds costing approximately $206.8 million, will be used for patients who do not need acute care and who are likely awaiting placement in more appropriate community-based facilities.

Construction of the new facilities is expected to be completed by mid-2022.