Angostura Lemon Lime and Bitters adds some flavour to lawn bowls

First it was Australian lamb. Now it's the nation's bowling greens. What summer staple is next ... the Victa mower?

You know Christmas is done and dusted when the annual Aussie lamb ad drops.

This year's Share the Lamb: 100% Australian commercial takes a satirical look at the absurdities of the pandemic and places Australia back on the map after being isolated for so long the world had forgotten it existed.

It's so entrenched in the nation's psyche it's almost reasonable to call front man Sam Kekovich, once known for his sports involvement, a "lambassador".

But now, another entity has entered the fray, tongue firmly implanted in cheek.

Australian sport is well known for a bit of argy-bargy and the odd sledge - and some say it's that touch of bitter that helps elevate the games we love.

The bowlers were taught some new bowls burns. Picture: Supplied

The bowlers were taught some new bowls burns. Picture: Supplied

Beverage company Angostura Lemon Lime and Bitters believes one of Australia's most popular sports, lawn bowls, could do with its own dash of bitter.

The company's new ad, shot at Sydney's Cabramatta Bowls Club, shows some of the sports young guns - Ben Twist, Natasha van Eldik and Aaron Teys - adding some classic "bowls burns" to their repertoire.

St Johns Park Bowling Club player and national representative Ben Twist said the film helped to shine a light on lawn bowls.

"It was a great experience, lots of fun. There hasn't been a great deal of opportunity for bowlers to be involved in mainstream campaigns for other brands, so it was very welcomed," he said.

"I'm thankful to Angostura Bitters for recognising and leveraging the sport of bowls and the athletes in its advertising."

You might think it's polite, genteel sport but alas, no.

Ever called anyone a drama green? Or played against a Doberman? That'd be someone who makes a fuss during a game and the DOberman is that player who smashes the jack out of play at every opportunity.

Try some more:

  • Thumb Fingers - an average player
  • Barefoot Bandit - someone who belongs more in the casual world of barefoot bowling than the big leagues
  • Grass Pony - a show-off
  • All Bowl, No Soul - great at bowls but not very friendly
  • Slippery Lip - a player who speaks as you bowl
  • Roll-aldo - an image-obsessed player who acts like a star footballer
  • Sauso Fingers - same as Thumb Fingers

"My favourite would probably be 'grass pony'. We all know someone who fits that bill," Twist said.

Bowlers showed off their skill in the new film. Picture: Supplied.

Bowlers showed off their skill in the new film. Picture: Supplied.

"They're all quite humorous and light-hearted; just a bit of fun to bring attention to the Angostura Bitters and bowls."


"Traditionally bowls is a 'gentleman's game' without too much lip between opponents, but I'm sure this will spark some interest and give inspiration for the sledges amongst us, particularly at the upcoming Bowls Premier League, BPL14, next month in Moama, which sees the sport's best players representing 10 teams and showcased across 24 hours of live television broadcasting," he said.

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