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DOWNTIME: Create a space you'll crave when the temperature starts to drop. Photo: Shutterstock.
DOWNTIME: Create a space you'll crave when the temperature starts to drop. Photo: Shutterstock.

Start creating a cosy lounge room now and you'll be ready to snuggle when the seasons change.

Modern 4.5-seater sofa, $2090. A lounge suite that can hold multiple bodies, or a single soul all stretched out, is always an inviting place to be.

Holland wool cushion, $69.95. Texture and fabric choice play an important role in setting the scene, and for cosy spaces you cannot beat wool.

Ever candle, $90. An essential for any home when creating a warm environment, this version doubles as art.

Monash and Aurora throw rug ranges, from $69.95. Drape them on each sofa or chair in your lounge, so they're readily accessible for everyone.

Marc Martin Feline Friends mug, $9.95. Don't forget other small (but integral) touches, such as your favourite hot beverage.

Wintering: The power of rest and retreat in difficult times by Katherine May, $35. Piles of books on the coffee table help create a welcoming space.

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Mudgee reed diffuser, $29.95. Don't forget to address other senses; the right scent can also evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Sweet horses framed canvas, $249. Swap your beachy or tropical-inspired art for works that are complementary to your layered soft furnishings.

Water hyacinth rectangle basket, $35. Stack it with winter must-haves, be it extra blankets or kindling for an open fire.

KOO Molly faux fur footstool, $90. For a playful touch, texture can also be introduced in more unlikely places.

Sutton table lamp, $199.95. Soft lighting is key when creating your cosy lounge room.

Koldby cowhide, $329. Don't forget to add warmth underfoot. A rug or hide helps add both physical and visual warmth to a room.

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