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How to enhance your home to increase its liveability

How to enhance your home to increase its liveability

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Home sweet home, the place you spend the majority of your time. It should be your safe space; your pride and joy. But of course, after a few years, it's only natural that bits and pieces need redoing or fixing. These things often seem minor at first, but over time begin to become daily frustrations.

We've compiled a list of a few simple fixes that will enhance your home's liveability and your overall happiness when you're left with a new and improved space that provides more comfort and more function for you.

Secure yourself more storage

There are two things in which there never seems to be enough of; hours in a day, and storage in a home. No matter what, there always seems to be an endless amount of clutter hanging around with no place to go. This can come in the form of children's toys that have taken up real estate on the floor of their bedroom.

Or perhaps knick knacks that no longer serve any purpose, but instead spend their time taking up valuable bench space. Well, no more. Whether you're utilising that empty space in your bathroom vanities in Melbourne or doing a clean out of your kitchen cabinets in Sydney, you're going to work out where space can be utilised for more storage.

Maybe it's within a garage that has an abundance of free space as it currently only houses two cars. Or perhaps it's under your bed, to really make the most of this free space, install a couple of draws in which to put your things so that there aren't little bubbles of free space being missed.

If you find yourself with no free garage, and a bed that only about an inch of space underneath, fear not, instead of looking down, look up. Our walls are usually completely empty, almost inviting us to install shelves so as to store our overflowing collection of mugs, that are currently crammed in every free space the kitchen has to offer.

You can also purchase large tubs, which can be found in an array of sizes and colours, in order to store things that are currently loose all over the home. Cleaning up, and putting away all your various bits and pieces will improve the overall look of your home, but also increase the level of space, that you likely never knew you had.

Invest in new curtains

Curtains are something that can be forgotten about, after all, all curtains are built equally right? This is in fact, not the case. Firstly, some curtains can be needlessly heavy and take up far more space than needed. Not only are they logically unsound, but they tend to look outdated, and carry a high level of dust, with an added disservice of letting in unwanted light.

Update your curtains for some sleek, modern, blackout blinds. Firstly, these do not take up even half as much space, and as the same would suggest, black out all of the light, giving you a wonderful, uninterrupted night's sleep. And, as an added bonus, do not hold dust in the way heavy curtains would.

These blinds' minimalistic design means that not only do they look fantastic, but they also go with virtually any design style you decide. This means you're not bound to one interior look, but can switch and swap to your heart's content.

Update your shower heads and faucets

Something that you probably noticed long before many of the other issues within your home, is low water pressure. One of our life's simple delights is taking a revitalising hot shower, so when that special moment is interrupted by abysmal water pressure or temperature, something must be done.

Updating your shower head can improve your water pressure, especially when you pick out one that is specially designed to do so. During this time, you can also take it as an opportunity to update your faucets for a similar reason. Not only will this benefit your pressure, but it can also add style to your outdated finishes.

Introduce a veggie garden

Sometimes, in order to increase the liveability within your home, you have to look outside of it. The ultimate way to do this is by starting your own vegetable garden. Creating this makes your home slightly more self-sufficient.

You can cook with what you grow, and slowly expand it to create a thriving veggie patch. Not only is this beneficial in the obvious way that it creates delicious, homegrown produce for you and your family, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. And, if you're feeling really ambitious, once your vegetable patch begins to thrive, you can create a compost bin in the garden, to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable within your home.

Make the most of your space

There is obviously a wide plethora of ways in which to enhance your home in order to make it more enjoyable, and liveable space to live, but this one is by far the simplest. Sometimes, the way in which your home is set up cuts off space and makes it feel smaller than it is.

By rejigging your furniture to mimic a more open plan living style, you're taking advantage of all the available space within each room, no matter how big or small your house is; switching up your furniture can have such a beneficial effect on the feel of your space and how you're able to move within it.

Your house is your safe space, the place in which you can strip off all the layers and just be you. So, by having a go at a few of these simple lifestyle tips and tricks, you'll find your home is transformed before your very eyes, and that it's that much more comfortable and enjoyable to come back to every night.