Furore over The Crow column

Collins Dictionary defines crow as “large black bird with a harsh call.” Also, “to utter a shrill, squawking sound” and “To boast about one’s superiority.”

Well he got his name right. The rest of last Thursday’s column in the South Western Times as usual, consisted of ridiculous ravings, unsubstantiated claims and false facts.

He appears to be possessed by more phobias than a gaggle of gossips and excuses his cupboard of skeletons by pointing an accusing finger at everybody else.

He particularly loves lambasting the church, God, the law, politicians, moral codes, everybody and everything else in an attempt to ingratiate himself.

Another theme throughout the crowing, is circular reasoning.

Claiming the European art form of homosexuality was fostered by the Roman Empire, then to state that Australia has not been so liberal thus leading to a thread of homophobia, is delusional. Crucifixion, although not invented by the Romans, was fostered by them together with other forms of entertainment.

Fortunately Australia is not so liberal. Where do you draw the line crow?

On what moral ground, or any ground for that matter, do you have the audacity to oppose crucifixion?

When you’ve worked that one out mate, allow the rest of us the same privilege.

Sadly, his limited understanding of marriage is proclaimed, by the naïve statement, “All that marriage does is endorse the signing of a contract that becomes legally binding.”

I’m sure the gay community is unimpressed with crow’s argument that they don’t need the “ceremonial pomp” associated with marriage.

“They just trot off to the nearest legal firm and get a contract drawn up.”

Discover the first written record of marriage crow, then tell us all about it.

Ross Slater, Bunbury

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