Baby Gammy: Wait continues outside house of Bunbury parents

AS the sun rose over the sprawling residence believed to be that of biological parents to Down syndrome baby Gammy, there was no indication of life within.

Reporters repeatedly approached the door of the South Bunbury property, but were met with closed curtains and loud protests from the couple's dog.

Many bore blurry eyes after spending much of the night watching on.

It was believed the couple was preparing to speak to the media yesterday but decided to wait for legal advice.

Neighbours, weary of the media gathered on their doorsteps, said they had not noticed any activity from the house overnight.

Cars interspersed along both sides of the street made it difficult for a rubbish truck to do its work, but the driver seemed unphased. 

Baby Gammy came to national attention after Fairfax Media reported he had been left behind in Thailand by his biological Australian parents who returned to WA with his healthy twin sister.

His story has reached around the globe, drawing politicians, academics, activists, law makers and the public into vigorous debate.

The eyes of the world will be trained on Bunbury for what comes next.

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