Gammy: Dog removed from South Bunbury home amid fears for its wellbeing | photos

AN officer from the RSPCA and City of Bunbury rangers have removed the dog belonging to the biological parents of baby Gammy from their South Bunbury property.

The local animal authorities arrived at the property at about 2:15pm and entered via a side gate.

The dog was offered food before being removed.

A notice was served and pinned to the couple's front door.

Both the RSPCA officer and the rangers declined to comment when approached by the media. The dog was removed due to concerns for its wellbeing.

A spokeswoman from the RSPCA, Maree Daniels, told the Bunbury Mail the RSPCA had received a report which raised concerns about the dog earlier today and following this sent their regional inspector out to the home.

"The dog was in good condition but due to the situation they thought it was best to remove the dog from the property for its own well-being and safety," she said.

She said the RSPCA wanted to ensure the dog was safe and looked after until the owners could be located. The RSPCA has so far not been able to contact them.

"If the owners would like the dog back then they need to call the RSPCA on 9209 9300."

It is believed one of the many news crews on the scene made the call to the RSPCA about midday today.

Media outlets from across Australia have been camped at the front of the home since early Monday morning in an attempt to talk to the biological parents of Gammy, a baby born via surrogacy in Thailand.

Journalists have made repeated attempts to knock on the door but have reported no movement at the house since early Monday morning.

Two Department of Child Protection officers visited the South Bunbury residence this morning.

It is second time DCP officers have attended the house, with the previous visit at about 7pm last night.

The whereabouts of David and Wendy Farnell and their baby daughter, twin sister of Gammy, is unknown.

It has been reported that the department will engage the help of WA Police to find the parents if their attempts continue to be unsuccessful, however the department has told the Bunbury Mail that this not accurate.

A DCP spokesman said the only statement to media was made last night by acting director general Emma White.

"In relation to the WA surrogate child featured in the media recently, the Department for Child Protection and Family Support has today commenced an assessment of the safety and wellbeing of the child," Ms White said.