Home owners flee their properties affected by the Waroona fires

HUNDREDS of people were evacuated from their properties in the Harvey Townsite and fled to the emergency evacuation centre at the Leschenault Leisure Centre in Australind on Thursday.

People had come with animals, children, bedding and anything they could quickly get their hands on. 

WATCH: Evacuated residents talking about their experience

Cookernup resident Sharon Hall evacuated with seven dogs, one turtle and two birds.

She left behind two sheep, one goat, one pig and a few horses.

"I have had the turtle for 12 years and grabbed him out of the aquarium, my daughter found a lady in Capel to have some of the dogs," she said.

Harvey residents Shirley and Bob Huey fled with their two kittens, medications and an ipad. 

"The rest of the family were still packing up and we are concerned because they are in a very old timber house," Ms Huey said. 

"We have got a couple of doonas and pillows, that should just about see us through for the night."

Harvey resident of 62 years Sam Curilli was at the centre and had been there since midday. 

He said the last big natural disaster to happen in the area was the floods in 1964 and this had come as a massive shock. 

"The main thing is that we hope the house is still there when we get back," Mr Curilli said.

Harvey resident Micheal Macrae had evacuated with 12 other people who sought shelter at the centre and waited for updates. 

"Hopefully we will have a house to go back to and I don't know where we are going to stay tonight," Mr Macrae said.

"There were three car loads of us and at first (when we heard the news) it was a bit surreal but then we started to see the smoke and didn't know what to think."

Harvey resident's Jill and Gene Hilbers had arrived at the centre late afternoon and had brought their dinner, filing cabinet and medication with them. 

Ms Hilbers had two properties in Harvey and said they had insurance so they had just taken the most important documents with them.

Mr Hilbers said he had lived in the area his whole life and knew what the wind was like and with the land being so dry he could have predicted what would happen. 

"They are concerned because the fire being in the Waroona area on the Darling Scarp the embers are dropping everywhere. I mean we were in Brunswick for half an hour and their were embers dropping on the ground," Mr Hilbers said.

"Hopefully nothing happens to our property but the wind is the problem." 

The Stuart, Savage and Dutchske family had their six children who were hoping they could return to their homes today.

The Lion's Club provided a sausage sizzle and salad, volunteer Jim Foster said they catered for 150 people.

"So far it has been steady throughout the afternoon and they have said it may get busier as the night goes on," Mr Foster said.