Bunbury needs to check their tyres

Checking the depth of your tyres is easy and could save your life.
Checking the depth of your tyres is easy and could save your life.

The Australian Road Safety Foundation are educating drivers on the important role tyres and tread depth play in vehicle safety during Tread Safely Week running September 5-11.

Tread Safely Week is in its second year, highlighting the tyre ignorance causing high road fatality numbers among Australians.

Bob Jane T-Marts Bunbury franchisee Paul Goff is encouraging all Bunbury residents to use this week to check their tyres and help to reduce the Western Australian road toll.

“Throughout Tread Safely Week motorists can visit us at Bob Jane T-Marts Bunbury and get their tyres checked for free,” he said.

“We encourage drivers to regularly check their tyres – you’d be surprised how much of a difference healthy and frequently maintained tyres can make to your vehicle.”

Australian Road Safety Foundation chief executive officer Russell White said it was imperative the community care for their tyres and ultimately, their wellbeing.

“More than half the nation continue to drive on tyres that need to be replaced and this needs to stop,” he said.

“Together with Bob Jane T-Marts we’re working towards the future – a nation of tyre-educated motorists.”

Bob Jane T-Marts top tyre tips:

  1.  All tyres slowly deflate over a period of time, so check tyre pressure every 2-3 weeks and when the tyres are cold. Recommended tyre pressures are located on a placard on the inside edge of the driver’s door.
  2. Regularly check balance and alignment to maximise the life of tyres. Regular wheel balances ensure your tyres run smoothly on the road to improve your vehicle’s control, and wheel alignments maximise the life of tyres by ensuring they wear evenly.
  3. The minimum amount of tread required for a car to be roadworthy is 1.6mm, but it’s wise to replace tyres at 2mm as wet-weather grip is diminished when there is a small amount of tread. To check tread depth, put a match head into the tread grooves, and if any part of the head shows above the grooves it’s time to replace the tyre.
  4. Regularly check tyres for wear such as tears or bruises on sidewalls as well as embedded objects like nails or stones as they may lead to a puncture.
  5. Always remember to check the spare tyre at the same time.

For more information visit treadsafely.com.au