New Bunbury TAFE course to benefit local electrician students

A new electrical course at South Regional TAFE’s Bunbury campus is making it easier for locals to obtain a licence in Bunbury rather than having to travel to Perth to study. 

It is a requirement for electrical apprentices to obtain their open telecommunication cabling licence and data endorsement and the new local course enables up to 14 participants to receive both these licences from fully accredited lecturers.

South Regional TAFE electrical lecturer Roy Kavanagh worked closely with South Metropolitan TAFE to see how the course was run so it could be established in Bunbury with the appropriate equipment and training tools. 

“The benefits of this course for local apprentices will be enormous because they will no longer have to travel to obtain this qualification and they can save themselves, and their employers, time and money,” he said.

“We hope to be able to offer the same course to the contractors, licensed electricians, and fourth year apprentices who need to obtain their licence in 2017,” he said.

Mr Kavanagh also worked with other pre-apprenticeship classes to equip the new customised telecommunication training facility.

The new equipment will allow the apprentices to simulate what they will have to do in when setting up telecommunications lines.

The equipment also allows the lecturer to find out immediately if the students have correctly set up the cabling and connections.

Mr Kavanagh thanked the South Metropolitan TAFE for their ongoing collaboration and support.