WA twins take the plunge on Married at First Sight

Wedding bells are in the air for WA twins Sharon and Michelle Marsh, with the pair walking down the aisle in matching white dresses. 

There’s just one catch for the blonde beauties; neither of them know who it is waiting for the them at the end of their bridal march. 

The 31-year-olds – who are originally from Manjimup – are among the latest people who are leaving love up to science on Channel Nine’s Married at First Sight. 

The controversial reality show – now in its fourth season – sees 10 couples matched by relationship experts John Aiken, Trisha Stratford and Mel Schilling. 

It’s a decision which the Perth twins said no one took lightly, and like all good relationships, it was their mum who encouraged – at first, only – Sharon to take the leap

It wasn’t until producers found out that Sharon had a single, identical twin that Michelle became involved. 

“Mum and I loved watching the show and one day she emailed me saying that I should apply,” Sharon said.

“The fact she suggested it, made me think that maybe it wasn’t such a crazy idea – she’s a pretty level headed woman.”

Michelle added: “Shaz gave me a phone call (when she was with the producers one day) and asked if I could come and meet them”.

“And yeah, it turned out that we were the right match for the show, and here we are.”

The duo took up arduous task of planning for a wedding, without knowing their two grooms.

They had to make all the choices of a normal wedding – location, food, flowers – sometimes two or three times over, to ensure that they’re choices were suitable for the show. 

And then came the dress. 

While the twins joked about their matching, white gowns – “I would have put a jacket on if I had known” – it was actually their own decision to wear identical dresses and not the show’s producers. 

“The producers wanted us in similar dresses, but they thought it was unrealistic that for our wedding, we’d want to wear the same dress,” Sharon said. 

“But we looked at all these dresses – and we didn’t have that much time to find a dress – and it was a last minute decision, after I saw this dress on the rack.

“And I was like, Michelle, if you really want to wear the same dress, I couldn’t care less; and she was like: ‘Neither could I’.

“Probably going back, prior to seven years ago, we never would have worn the same outfit. Now we embrace it.”

Married at First Sight begins Monday, 7.30pm on Channel Nine.