Bunbury artist Sue Kalab to launch Nature Diaries exhibition

Bunbury artist Sue Kalab is currently hosting a new exhibition at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries.

Nature Diaries – Tuarts, Terns and Time explores trees, birds and nature’s antiquity. 

Mrs Kalab said the timelessness of our natural world is often overlooked in this go-go world and its biodiversity is co-dependent with all that lives in it. 

She said the exhibition will include talks from local scientists, telling the stories of tuarts and terns and an Indigenous speaker who will give another perspective of timelessness. 

Mrs Kalab set up her beachside art studio in Bunbury in 1995 with this exhibition, her 23rd public solo showing. 

She said the watercolour paintings she has produced for their exhibition portray the peaceful and serene qualities one finds in nature. 

“I see great loveliness in the things I choose to paint and I try to touch a deep part of people’s nature,” she said. 

The exhibition runs until April 17.

For more information about the Nature Diaries exhibition, click here