Dardanup shire consider Eaton Fair expansion

Moved: The Shire of Dardanup building will be relocated if the council accept Citygate Property's proposal.
Moved: The Shire of Dardanup building will be relocated if the council accept Citygate Property's proposal.

Citygate Properties have presented an offer to the Shire of Dardanup for the purchase of land occupied by shire administration for planned expansion of the Eaton Fair Shopping Centre.

The offer is going to be independently investigated following a recent resolution by Council.

The offer from Citygate also includes an allocation of land to the shire within the boundary of Eaton Fair.

The plans are for a new two to three-storey building to house a new co-located community library and administration centre.

Included Citygate’s plans, the skate park located next to the shire building would also be relocated to an area near the new football pavilion car park currently under construction, west of the Glen Huon reserve.

If the offer is accepted it would mean previous concept plans for a co-located library and administration on the existing site would go to the wayside in favour of the new plan.

Debate surrounding the offer at the Dardanup Council meeting on Wednesday, March 8 resolved to give the opportunity due consideration because of the potential for cost savings associated with a new library and administration centre project.

Council also recognised that converting the administration centre land into commercial properties would create an opportunity for Citygate Properties to pay an increased rates base over a period of time. 

As part of the investigation an architect will be commissioned to create an artists impression of the three-storey building concept to give the council a clear representation of the building.

Shire president, Mick Bennett said he was excited to see what the outcome of further investigation would uncover for the project in terms of cost and benefit to the community.

“This investigation will ensure that council has exhausted every avenue for delivering new facilities to its community which are both high quality, but cost efficient,” Mr Bennett said.

The shire president also said the planned project could be an avenue to explore new green building options and that coming to a resolution to the project could  .

“It will also allow for the exploration of issues like the benefits of a timber construction for meeting new standards for energy efficient buildings.

“It does mean a resolution for the project will take longer, but council believes achieving the best possible result is worth waiting for.”