Eaton Community College to open their doors to the public for an afternoon of fun

Eaton Community College is set to host its second annual Open Day on August 31 with the local community invited to come and see how the school operations. 

Normal classes will be suspended for an afternoon with current parents and students joining prospective parents and students for a tour of the facilities. 

Associate principal Kathryn Inman said the staff and students have been working very hard towards the success of this day. 

“It’s an excellent opportunity for the teachers and students of Eaton Community College to showcase the wonderful school facilities and the many learning experiences that occur in their school every day,” she said. 

The Open Day, that runs from 1pm to 7pm, will feature a number of activities, the chance to visit various classrooms, chat informally to teachers and hear from Principal Alan Brown about the transition from primary school to high school. 

In the theatre the drama students will present a performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream while the school band will play live music outside. 

Plenty of student art will be on display along with documentaries made in the media department. 

In the gymnasium, the College’s specialised basketball class will take on a team from Australind Senior High School while the science laboratories will be conducting public experiments. 

There will also be an opportunity to get a taste of Japan with the LOTE classroom hosting green tea ceremonies, calligraphy writing and traditional Japanese games.