Bunbury Mail senior journalist bids the South West farewell

Bunbury Mail senior journalist Andrew Elstermann.
Bunbury Mail senior journalist Andrew Elstermann.

Almost five years ago today, this fresh-faced City boy, came to Bunbury with a smile and gladly said ‘Ahoy’.

Straight off my time in uni I was keen to make a start, in an industry where I had always longed to play a part. 

The role of a reporter is one that looked quite fun and with a notepad in my hand, my journey had begun.

Weeks went by and I was quick to learn that Bunbury’s really great. The locals are so friendly and they treat you as a mate. 

I’ve loved watching the local sport and I’ve seen great talents shine. I’ve also loved the culture and the top places to dine.

If you love events, Bunbury has something for everyone. The calendar’s loaded with chances to spend time in the sun. 

Those who call this region home sure love to have a chat. When I was chasing stories, I could always count on that. 

It’s never hard to find a friendly smile in this town. When it comes to community spirit Bunbury really takes the crown.  

I’ve seen first hand that when it’s needed, support is always there. In times of strife, the many rally strong to show they care. 

Life isn’t always easy and reporters see it all. It isn’t always pretty but we do it standing tall. 

It’s with a sense of pride that we work to share your stories. Sometimes we talk of heartbreak but we really love the glories.  

There is just no better feeling than meeting someone who’s elated. Or highlighting the achievements of one who should be celebrated. 

Bunbury sure has changed a bit and I bet there’s more to come. Development’s important and we’ve certainly had some. 

Koombana Bay now looks a treat and as the work rolls on, let’s do our best to tell the world of our phenomenon. 

Because Bunbury is an awesome place that’s worthy of high praise. I could talk about the greatness of our fair City for days.

It’s been a blast but now it’s time for me to say farewell. I head for the next challenge which I’m hoping will be swell. 

Thank you all for your support of this here publication. It’s in safe hands with plenty of renewed determination. I know that as a new year dawns there’s quality ahead as TheMail delivers stories in its weekly newsprint spread. 

I hope to visit again soon and I wish you all the best. It’s truly been a honour to live and work in the South West.