Metal group King Zog hits Prince of Wales

Stage friendly: Metal group King Zog is holding its LP launch at the Prince of Wales on Friday, December 8. Photo: Supplied.
Stage friendly: Metal group King Zog is holding its LP launch at the Prince of Wales on Friday, December 8. Photo: Supplied.

West Australian metal group King Zog looks set to impress Bunbury’s music scene.

The group is heading to Bunbury’s Prince of Wales Hotel to launch its debut double LP on Friday, December 8. 

King Zog’s album launch will also feature the sounds of WitchCliffe, Purple Urchin, The Boogie Men and Stone Lotus. 

King Zog lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Daniel Durack is relishing the opportunity to play in front of Bunbury’s metal fanbase. 

“It’s always good to play there and we’re definitely looking forward to it,” he said. 

“There is a healthy metal scene in the South West so we're hoping we get a few of those metal maniacs along to the gig.” 

Durack explained how travel and live performances helped to maintain the band’s enthusiam. 

“It’s a two-hour drive from Perth so for us it’s good to cruise down there, hang out at the Prince and catch up with a few old mates,” he said. 

“When I used to play in London I toured around Paris and places like that, it’s great taking in new experiences and meeting new people and fans.” 

King Zog sees Durack performing alongside vocalist and lead guitarist Vince Radice, drummer Rory Keys and bassist Martin Gonzalez. 

Durack helped form the group after coming back from England several years ago.

He said each member’s experience with rock or punk has helped to define the group’s sound. 

“We wanted to do something really crushingly heavy, so we started the band back in 2013 but it took us a while to get the right personnel together,” he said. 

“We finally settled on a good rhythm section and so we recorded the album that we’re now actually launching.” 

The group recorded and quietly released the album earlier this year. 

Donning Dominic Sohor’s “fiendish red artwork”, the album is described by the band as an “instant doom classic – a volcanic apocalypse of deep, heavy fuzz and colossal Iommic riffs.” 

Durack said the group was pleased with the album’s positive word-of-mouth.

The band has since been invited to perform in Portland, Oregon in 2018. Durack was confident the group would continue touring the USA into the new year.  

The group has also planned to record and release another album. 

“We’re really looking further afield to establish some contacts overseas so we can maybe do a run of festivals in Europe as well,” he said. 

Check out the Prince of Wales website for more details about upcoming events.