New kid on the block ready to get started

Leaving five years ago with my worldly possessions in tow and memories of days spent at the back beach to get me through three years worth of university lectures, I never thought I would be so lucky to return so soon.

It feels as though I clicked my heels three times and whispered ‘there’s no place like home’.

Three months ago I was busy working for a Perth newspaper, trying to figure out how I could find my way back for good to enjoy South West summers filled with long days on the water and barbecues spent with family and friends. 

Within what felt like a blink of an eye I have found myself back in my hometown.

Arriving at the Bunbury Mail on my first day, I was nervous.

However, with seven days now under my belt and a talented team to work with, I'm excited to get to know the South West community and this beautiful city all over again as the new Senior Journalist.

In so many ways the town I love has remained much unchanged and yet in so many other ways changes can be seen everywhere you look.

The cafe where I would enjoy chocolate milkshakes and chips remains the same and yet there is a buzz of activity.

There is an undeniable and exciting sense of possibility and growth at the moment across Bunbury and the South West as we prepare to ring in a new year. 

Trying to fill the five-year legacy left behind by the talented and well-liked Andrew Elstermann will be no easy feat but with camera and notepad in hand, I am eager to get started.

I am looking forward to shedding light on the important issues, which effect people on a daily basis. 

To highlighting the many community groups who work so tirelessly in creating positive change and to celebrating the many talented individuals who like me call this great place home.

I say hello and I look forward to seeing you soon – on the streets of Bunbury, at our beautiful beaches, the local sporting grounds, the array of cafes and restaurants on offer, and at the many community events held.

So as the new kid on the block –  I am ready to listen and I am eager to learn.

Most importantly I am ready to work hard for Bunbury and the South West community in the good times and the bad. 

– Emily Sharp