Bunbury Primary School students excited for Christmas | Photos

The Mail asked the Year One and Two students of Bunbury Primary School what they wanted from Santa and what they had planned for Christmas time. 

Leni McGreal (Year 1) is looking forward to unwrapping a pair of roller skates on Christmas morning. 

Tyson Pitts (Year 1) is hoping to get lots of Lego and a watch for Christmas. 

Gage Murphy (Year 1) is looking forward to celebrating Christmas at nan's house.  

Sophie Hawker (Year 1) would like Santa to bring her a grass head kit and a water pistol.

Lily Bycroft (Year 2) will swim in the pool and play basketball this Christmas season. 

Salome Woodland (Year 2) is asking Santa for a gorilla beanie boo and Pokemon cards. 

Myla Nowland (Year 2) is heading to Denmark on a camping trip this festive season. 

Levi Chalk (Year 2) would like a Jet Star toy plane, a fish and a fish tank for Christmas this year. 

Cooper Ievese (Year 2) would like some gold, black and red jet boots for Christmas.  

Astyn Green (Year 2) is excited to open presents and go to her nan's house on Christmas Day.