Mandurah line woes: Technical problems and crime leave commuters angry

Mandurah passengers have been left frustrated and angry after several train hold-ups put a damper on plans throughout the holiday season.

Last week, trains on the Mandurah line were halted twice due to technical issues, and New Years Eve celebrations ended on a sour note when a train bound for Mandurah was held up for an hour due to a "medical emergency".

The train was stopped near Narrows Bridge between 3am and 4am, and the incident frustrated travellers attempting to return home from a night out in the city.

One fired-up passenger yelled obscenities and punched the train multiple times, and caused a window to smash.

A Public Transport Authority spokeswoman acknowledged the frustrations of passengers regarding the issues, but said technicians were required to fix dewirements - the cause of the first two service outages.

She said the incidents weren't linked and authorities would continue to investigate.

On top of the ongoing technical issues, commuters have also been forced to confront crime on the Mandurah Line over the holiday period.

A 63-year-old man was been brutally bashed on Boxing Day after asking a group of men travelling on a Transperth train to "tone down their language".

As he got up to get off the train at Canning Bridge station, one of the men approached him and punched him hard in the head and face.

The victim was beaten until another passenger got between the pair, and Transperth Transit Officers arrested the group of men at Bull Creek Station.

The victim received bruising to his face and ribs.

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