WA Minister blocks Nationals MP leader on Twitter

Member for the Central Wheatbelt Mia Davies has hit out at Education Minister Sue Ellery for blocking her on a popular social media platform.

Ms Davies said she had been blocked from seeing Ms Ellery's Twitter profile, in a move which could leave her less informed about the Minister's statements in the future.

"Not one offensive post, nothing that comes close to some [of] the rubbish her colleague posts on my feed and I'm blocked. Who else in the #regionalstudentsmatter campaign has been given the same treatment?" she wrote.

Ms Davies said the Minister's attitude towards the recent criticism levelled at her seemed to be "sticking her fingers in her ears".

"It is clear the Minister does not want to be held to account for the decisions she has made," she said.

"I will not be losing sleep over the Minister blocking me on Twitter - although I would be interested to know if she has done the same to anyone else holding her to account for a decision that has devastated so many.

"It seems the Minister's attitude is to stick her fingers in her ears and ignore the community when they don't agree with her."

In the thread of Ms Davies' tweet, other regional education advocates also said they had been blocked by Ms Ellery, but the Minister's office denied they had been.

While Ms Ellery is currently on leave from parliament, it is understood the account is owned and run by her.

The Minister's office said Ms Davies had been blocked from viewing Ms Ellery's account for "years", there was no particular trigger for the decision and there was no link with recent regional education campaigns.

Ms Davies said it was more important than ever for the State Government to listen to the criticism of regional WA.

"The cuts are heartless and people from both the country and city have taken to social media and contacted us to ask how they can support the families, staff and communities that will be impacted," she said.

"It is also a reflection of how the McGowan Government has acted since the March 2017 election - arrogant and thoughtless because they know they have such a huge majority in the Parliament."

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