Man fined $7800 for dog attack

A man has been fined more than $6000 over a dog attack in 2017. 

Clinton Morley attended Bunbury Magistrates Court on January 30.

He faced one charge of failing to control his dog and one charge of owning a dog involved in an attack and/or chase.

Morley pleaded not guilty to the first charge which then went to trial. The court was told Morley’s dog got out of his backyard. 

A lady was walking through a cemetery with her dog, before Morley’s dog attacked the woman’s. Morley put forward that it was not his fault that the dog escaped from his premises.

He was found guilty of this charge and fined $800 plus $4500 for costs. Morley pleaded guilty to the second charge and was fined $1500.

According to the City of Bunbury, any dog can be declared dangerous under Section 33E of the Dog Act 1976.