Bunbury mother outraged over hugging ban

I am writing this to you as a concerned parent. 

My daughter is in year six and is in the Academic Class of Excellence. 

She is a well-mannered, bright and caring person who her teacher thinks highly of her and she would never do anything to hurt another person.

 Last Friday she received detention from the principal, the reason she received this was because she gave her classmate (female) a friendly hug goodbye after the end of day bell had gone. 

I have since spoke to the school and the principal and apparently there is a rule at the school that the students are not allowed to hug one another. 

I have never heard of this before and I read nearly all of the schools newsletters. 

I asked why such a harsh punishment and her reply was because she had only just spoken to the whole school about this issue two hours previously so she was taking a stance on the matter. Well I think this is way over the top to punish a child for a friendly hug.

 My concern is the harsh punishment and the fact kids are no longer able to be kids and hug one another. Her reasoning for this rule that was bought in was to stop boyfriend / girlfriend hugging (some parents had complained about it) and the students that were running across the schoolyard and slamming into one another. 

So everyone suffers now because of a few silly children, I asked her why not teach those children appropriate behavior instead of banning hugs altogether. 

What is that teaching the children instead, that hugs are inappropriate and wrong? 

I have also asked the question have they spoken to a child physiologist regarding the effect on giving the impression to the students that they must not hug your friends? 

The answer was no, but I can if I want too. Also siblings are not allowed to hug each other, so how can you explain to a five year old that they cant hug their older brother or sister.

 According to theorist regarding child development this is a natural development of children and I certainly don’t want my children not to be able to hug friends or family. 

I have spoken to a number of parents from this school and teachers from other schools and they completely agree me and are outraged about this rule. 

Research has also shown that in this day and age where communication is ruled by technology children need to have more affection and be encouraged to have human empathy. 

Schools should be a comforting place for kids and be all warm and fuzzy as for some children it may be the only bit they get.

I hope this matter can be bought to the attention of other parents out there and something done about it as I do not want my younger primary aged children being bought up in a society that says hugs between friends and siblings are inappropriate at school and also the school is not going to change this rule.

Yours faithfully,

Heidi Rome

A Bunbury mother is outraged by a hugging ban which saw her 12-year-old daughter receive detention.

A Bunbury mother is outraged by a hugging ban which saw her 12-year-old daughter receive detention.


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