Third time unlucky for Mehajer bail bid

Salim Mehajer has been refused bail a third time since being charged with insurance fraud (file).
Salim Mehajer has been refused bail a third time since being charged with insurance fraud (file).

In controversial Sydney businessman Salim Mehajer's own words, his life is an absolute mess.

The former Auburn deputy mayor has been denied bail for a third time, despite claims of bikie gangs' threats inside jail and the threat of bankruptcy on the outside.

The usually well-groomed 31-year-old has grown a beard since being locked up, and he nervously clutched wooden beads while representing himself at Burwood Local Court on Wednesday via video link from prison.

Mehajer is accused of staging a car crash and defrauding an insurance company, days after he'd insured his Mercedes for more than $150,000.

Last October the embattled property developer was on his way to face court on charges over the assault of a taxi driver when his Mercedes collided with another car at an intersection in Lidcombe.

But Mehajer has labelled the Crown's case as weak, arguing it was wrong about the insurance value of his luxury car and the date the policy was taken out.

He stressed he hadn't made a claim on the car that had already been insured for a number of years, adding he'd never embark on a "suicide attempt to miss a court date".

Mehajer's bank accounts have since been frozen, affecting his business, his family, his employees and his investors, the court heard.

"It's an absolute mess," he said.

"I don't deserve to be here."

Being incarcerated and having only one phone call a day was making it "ever so difficult" to turn his fortunes around, he said.

"I am here between four walls and letting everything collapse... this is going to be a catastrophe," Mehajer said.

Crown prosecutor Rossi Kotsis said although Mehajer claimed his safety was at risk from outlaw motorcycle gangs, corrections have taken significant steps to protect him.

In refusing bail, magistrate Jacqueline Trad argued Mehajer's points were already well ventilated and he would remain behind bars until his matter was next heard on March 28.

Last month Mehajer was found guilty of assaulting a television reporter when he slammed his car door on her arm and earlier this month he was placed on a good behaviour bond for the April 2017 cabbie attack. He also awaits a verdict next month on alleged electoral fraud offences.

Australian Associated Press