Treendale Bridge provides financial help for shops in Eaton

Celebration: The Treendale Bridge opening. Photo: Emily Sharp.
Celebration: The Treendale Bridge opening. Photo: Emily Sharp.

Shop owners in Eaton have noticed significant changes following the opening of the Treendale Bridge in March. 

Eaton Fair centre manager Michael Prosser said people in Eaton, Treendale, and around the South West have all so far benefited from the bridge. 

“There’s no doubt that there are more customers coming into the centre and that means that customers coming from Treendale, Australind and Kingston now have even easier access to Eaton Fair,” he said. 

“The bridge means that people have better access to the shopping centre, medical centre, and pharmacy.  The bridge has opened up a whole new residential catchment.”

Mr Prosser said the bridge connected people in major suburban areas to retail outlets in both Eaton and Treendale. 

Eaton Fair recorded a 10 per cent increase in visitor numbers just one week after the bridge’s opening. 

$16.7 million bridge connects the suburban centres of Eaton and Treendale. 

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