Bakkhai heading to Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on June 15 and 16

On stage: Bec
On stage: Bec "Butterfly" Hall (performer) and Sky River (performer, costume designer) to perform at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre. Photo: Thomas Munday.

The cast and crew of Bakkhai are putting the final touches onto their production before it hits the stage later this week. 

Playing at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on June 15 and 16, Bakkhai tells of Dionysos, the god of wine, being cast out of Thebes by his family. 

Upon his return, Dionysos plans to make the people of Thebes submit to his will. 

The show explores the power struggle between Dionysos and Pentheos, as well as a group of women and cult-like worshippers called the Bakkhai. 

Edith Cowan University South West senior lecturer Dr Vahri McKenzie held onto the reins as Bakkhai’s director and co-producer. 

Dr McKenzie described the production as a “revenge tragedy”, and a worthy follow-up to their 2015 production, Lysistrata

“This is a tragedy, whereas Lysistrata was a comedy,” she said. 

“Traditionally, the audience would experience a huge range of emotions. There will be opportunities to laugh, but also to feel a sense of deep catharsis and an emotional cleansing that comes with having a very sad experience with other people in a theatre.

“They might find ways of reflecting upon their own lives and society itself.” 

Dr McKenzie said the show showcased a different side of the region. 

“It shows a deep love of the place, it’s about reflecting the sense of place in the South West,” she said. 

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