Petition asks for reduction in single-use plastics at City of Bunbury events

A new recommendation could see a significant decrease in plastic-based products being used by the City of Bunbury. 

A petition handed to the City of Bunbury on June 12 called for the banning of single-use plastics and plastic straws at all City of Bunbury events. 

The executive recommendation called for the council to acknowledge the petition and vote for the minimisation of single-use plastics by the city.

It also asked for city chief executive officer Mal Osborne, at a later date, to present council with more ideas to decrease single-use plastics within the region. 

Councillor Jaysen Miguel presented the petition to council last month, with the petition featuring 262 signatures. 

“The recommendation is that we will do whatever we can with our facilities. We’ve got cafes at the Bunbury Wildlife Centre and South West Sports Centre,” City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said. 

“The recommendation is that, with whatever we control, we will use paper and won’t use plastic straws, we’ve started doing that.

“The city has been really proactive with the Western Australian Waste Authority, our waste education officer has been out at shopping centres giving away bags on behalf of the waste authority and the city.

“She said the response from members of the public has been overwhelming.” 

The city also confirmed outlets including the Bunbury Visitor’s Centre and Bunbury Regional Art Galleries have made a point of using paper bags instead of plastic bags. 

Council voted in favour of the executive recommendation ahead of its meeting on Tuesday, July 10. 

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