The City of Bunbury 2018 waste campaign a success

The City of Bunbury’s latest waste program has highlighted the community’s commitment to waste awareness and reduction. 

Since the introduction of the food organics, garden organics/red-bin program in 2013, the Bunbury community has managed to divert on average 60 per cent of waste away from landfill. 

Having alerted citizens to its three-bin system through advertising and in-person information sessions, the city was pleased with the results. 

“Separating waste in the home is the most effective management tool for increasing recycling rates and keeping contamination down,” City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said. 

“The council is proud of the community for continuing to do the right thing and using the three-bin system correctly.” 

Some waste audits, however, revealed some people were still placing clothes, plastics, oils, boxed/bagged recycling, nappies, organics, and E-waste into the recycling (yellow-lid) bins. 

Waste audits will once again be conducted in late October/early November. 

The council is proud of the community for continuing to do the right thing and using the three-bin system correctly.

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan

Mr Brennan said ideas for major waste and energy developments in the region have been discussed. 

“Some years ago, the city looked at the possibility of having a solar farm on the Sutherland Way land where we have the depot,” he said. 

“With the depot there, we had surplus land and our officers, at the time, looked at the feasibility of having a solar farm or attracting a company to come and set one up.

“The city owns land near the airport, and there were other plans to set up a solar farm out there.

“We are open to any approach from any organisation who wants to consider that.”

Mr Brennan said the city had “continuous dialogue” with the State Government and agencies regarding future plans for the region. 

“The communication channels are good and we are open to any reasonable proposition,” he said. 

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