Poem about Busselton uncovered in an Adelaide Hills antique store | Eden of the West

A poem about Busselton has been uncovered in an Adelaide Hills antique store, titled Eden of the West and written by William Robinson of 31 Dorset Street.

A newspaper cutout of the poem was found in a box which contained an older butter dish with a small medallion of the Ballarat steam train.

Busselton resident Peter Blake was given the items by his sister who owns the antique store and hopes to find out more about the poet and what era the items were from.

“Recently this item, which I think is a butter dish, came into her shop and because she had been to Busselton recognised the Ballarat engine and the story,” he said.

“Inside she found the little poem written by William Robinson.

“I have no idea how old it is but it has been well looked after and the poem makes it well interesting.”

Mr Blake said he would be happy to pass the items on to a museum authority because it had the Ballarat on the dish.

If anyone would like to get in touch with Mr Blake about the items please contact him on 0457 817 479, and of course we would love to hear more about these items or the poet.

Please email any information to editorial.bdmail@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Eden of the West

By William Robinson

Of all the towns here in the West

It’s Busselton we love the best.

Your azure sea and silver sand

The fairest place in this great land.

Where sunlight filters through the leaves

And high up in a tuart tree

The kookaburras laugh with glee.

There in the forest all day long

Is heard the magpies chortling song.

The river flats with pastures green

All lend enchantment to the scene.

And in the distance you can see

The cattle grazing peacefully.

The river Vasse flows slowly by

‘Neath willow trees and sunny sky.

The old stone church across the way

Where early settlers knelt to pray.

And there within its hallowed ground

The graves of pioneers are found.

And in the park the engine stands,

The first steam engine in this land

‘Twas from the forest cool and still

It hauled the logs to Wonnerup Mill.

Now there it stands through all the years

A relic of the pioneers.

The yachts sail steady on the bay

While on the beach the children play.

This friendly town so richly blessed,

It is the Eden of the West

Cape Naturaliste across the bay

There ev’ry night sends forth its ray,

To guide the ships around our coast

God bless this place we love the most.

This story Poem about Busselton uncovered in an Adelaide Hills antique store first appeared on Busselton-Dunsborough Mail.