BBA, round 12: Tornadoes Black's women's side claims 59 to 42 win over Aces Sky

Tornadoes Black’s women’s side remains on top following a well-earned victory over Aces Sky in round 12. 

The league leaders led from the outset to claim an eight-point buffer at the first change. 

Despite a solid effort from Aces Sky, Tornadoes Black went from strength to strength in the second term. 

Ahead 35 to 18 at the main break, the side extended its margin throughout the second half. 

The trio of Cian Parsons (18 points, seven two-pointers), Ebony Bilcich (13), and Zaya Lily Black (12) put Aces Sky’s chances of victory firmly in doubt. 

Establishing itself as the superior side, Tornadoes Black clinched a 59 to 42 win. 

Credit belongs to Aces Sky’s Emily Jones (16, seven two-pointers) and Sydney Lewis (11) for landing several attempts close to the ring. 

Second-placed Tornadoes Red suffered an eight-point loss to Dunsborough Oilers. 

Thanks to strong leadership from Shannon Verhagen (17) and Beige Harris (13), the Oilers nabbed a seven-point lead at half time. 

Adele East excelled during all four quarters, shooting 38 points including nine two-pointers and five from the three point line.

Aided by Shontai Farrant (27) and Karinda Farrant (14), Tornadoes Red took the lead in the final term. 

Stopping Tornadoes Red in its tracks, Dunsborough went on to win 82 to 74. 

In the men’s competition, Tornadoes Black cruised to an impressive 101 to 72 victory over Aces White. 

Up by six at quarter time, Tornadoes Black upped the ante before claiming a 13-point lead at the main break. 

Aces White was hampered by Tornadoes stars Matthew Leary (29) and Jason Smith (18) throughout the second half. 

Brody England (31) and Devan Craig (18) starred for Aces White in round 12.

Aces Sky moved to third on the ladder following a tight win over Tornadoes Red. 

With support from Brodie Morris (22) and Michael Lay (20), Tornadoes Red secured a resounding 42 to 29 lead at half time. 

Landing 23 points to 10 in the third term, Aces Sky – helped by Archie Hall (21, eight free throws) – pulled itself back into the contest. 

The side stormed home in the final minute, winning 76 to 72. 

Bulls held onto top spot with a convincing win over bottom-placed Eaton Eagles. 

After leading 55 to 29 at the main break, Bulls dominated the second half before posting a 97 to 56 result. 

Bulls stars Travis Durnin (28), Thomas Harper (25), and Chris Douglass (23) were electrifying throughout the game.

Teams will return to the South West Sports Centre this Friday night. 

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