RAC Rescue responding to car accident in Ludlow

A man has been flown to Royal Perth Hospital following a car accident in Ludlow.

At 1.13pm, emergency services responded to a report of a car versus truck.

The initial report stated a load from a truck had fallen on to a car, however, a Department of Fire and Emergency Services spokesperson said no truck was involved, rather something had fallen from a boat trailer being towed by a car.

The incident occurred on Bussell Highway, near the intersection of Ruabon Road, in Ludlow.

Career and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service firefighters are at the scene. 

Traffic heading north has been diverted onto Layman Road following the crash, while those coming from Bunbury are being diverted onto Ludlow-Hithergreen Road.

The emergency rescue helicopter is expected to land at the hospital around 3:30pm.

More information will be released when known.