Trump warns allies, unveils space defence

Donald Trump is asking wealthy allies to 'step up' and share the financial burden of defence.
Donald Trump is asking wealthy allies to 'step up' and share the financial burden of defence.

US President Donald Trump has issued stark warnings to allies and adversaries while unveiling a new missile defence plan, partly built in space, aimed at destroying "any missile launched against the United States anywhere, anytime, any place".

In a speech at the Pentagon the president detailed a six-point plan and warned allies they needed to share the financial burden of defence pacts with the US because America "cannot be the fools for others".

Trump's plan includes 20 new ground base missile interceptors in Alaska and a space-based missile defence layer aligned with the president's new Space Force.

"So, wealthy, wealthy countries that we are protecting are all under notice," Trump said on Thursday.

"... I'm asking them to step up."

Trump's speech follows warnings the US is trailing Russia and China in the development of hypersonic missiles.

The president, however, said the US was "very advanced on hypersonic technology".

Trump has repeatedly called out NATO and Asian allies for not paying their way in military alliances with the US, and reportedly has mulled pulling out of NATO, a move that would be celebrated in Russia.

The president attempted to quell such suggestions.

"We are going to be with NATO 100 per cent, but as I told the countries you have to step up," Trump said.

"You have to pay minimum numbers, actually.

"The numbers should be much higher."

Trump's new six-point missile plan is:

- Build 20 new ground base missile interceptors at Fort Greely, Alaska, and create a missile shield "to protect every city in the US".

- Develop new technology because the "world is changing and we are going to change much faster than the rest of the world".

- Protect America from all types of missile attacks, including cruise and hypersonic.

- Recognise space as a war fighting domain, with Trump's new Space Force leading the way. Upcoming defence budget will invest in space-based missile defence.

- Remove bureaucratic obstacles.

- Insist on fair burden sharing with allies.

Australian Associated Press