Shire of Dardanup council discusses proposed dog exercise area for Eaton Foreshore

Dog exercise area plans spark debate

The debate over a proposed dog exercise area for the Eaton Foreshore has taken another turn. 

The Shire of Dardanup discussed the plans during its meeting on Wednesday, January 23. 

The Eaton Townscape Committee Resolution called for council to “support the further development of the concept of the fenced dog exercise area at the eastern end of the Eaton Foreshore”. 

The motion called for the area to include “nature-based features”, with reference to the guidelines featured in ‘Unleashed – A Guide to Successful Dog Parks’. 

It also asked for council to refer the new concept back to the Eaton Townscape Committee for further consideration. 

Shire deputy president Peter Robinson presented a resolution, calling for the shire’s chief executive to develop a survey to “ascertain whole community opinion”. 

The resolution asked for the survey to be sent to registered dog owners and the broader community. 

Council voted 6/2 in favour of the resolution.

Feedback from the survey will be presented to council by Wednesday, March 27.

Several community members attended the meeting to express their concerns.

Eaton resident Stacey Gillespie said the proposed dog exercise area would prevent many community members from accessing one-third of the foreshore. Ms Gillespie added it would negatively impact the foreshore’s environment. 

She said they were not opposed to it being set up in a different place. 

Prior to last week’s meeting, Ms Gillespie had conducted a letter box drop around Eaton. She received 47 responses objecting to the proposed location. 

Shire of Dardanup president Mick Bennett praised the community members involved for expressing their views. 

“When we get that survey back, we will see what happens from there,” he said.

“Usually, an issue of some description like this does bring people out and it’s great to hear their views.

“It is also great to have them participating like they did.”

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