Choose Respect monthly column - The time is right

With the new year underway, we’re back at work, the kids are at school and life is settling back to normal - now is a great time to set some goals.  

We all over- indulge in the holiday season and now, for the sake of ourselves, and others it’s time to re-set the Respect button.

Choosing to respect ourselves by being conscious of our health and wellbeing.  

Choosing to respect others around us by making mindful decisions about the words and actions we use.

The start of the school year is a good time to discuss, as a family, how we are going to make this year a great one.

 Teaching our children the respectful way to use social media, choosing to respect our neighbours and other road users.

In so many situations simply stopping and thinking before we act can make a huge difference in how others react to you.  

Our children need to be surrounded by good models of respect so treating themselves and others with respect becomes a habit.

The positive Choose Respect influence we can have in our homes, workplace, school, sport and community is enormous.  

It starts with one but becomes many, as the ripple effect of respectful words and actions takes over.

Imagine if students could resist that natural desire to pay back and take revenge, how our school and homes would be a safer and happier place to be.  

Imagine if we didn’t use those words that wound on social media how far more beneficial this medium would be.

Around us, either through the media or in person, we see and hear so many terrible events that could have been alleviated if people had chosen respect.  

We don’t always get it right but by setting a goal, leaving ourselves reminder stickers or notes around our homes and in our car and seeing our Choose Respect signs around our wonderful city we will get it right more often than not.  

We will be helping ourselves and our community and setting a tremendous example for our children.

There has never been a better time to stop and think and Choose Respect.

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