South Bunbury Primary School students release butterflies

It was an exciting afternoon for a group of Year 2 and 3 South Bunbury Primary School students when they released their class butterflies.

Students spent more than four weeks learning about the life cycle of the butterfly and watching them grow before letting them go.

Project organiser and teacher Hannah Dalton said the students had been really engaged throughout the process.

"They were learning about life cycles so I was playing around with ideas of how best to do that but also involve the kids in a really hands-on experience," she said.

"They saw them from the caterpillar stage and it evolves from there and we looked at how we needed to cater for all the stages of the life cycle changes.

"It's just been incredible, seeing them grow, seeing them changes - it's just magic."

Ms Dalton said she hoped to do the project again and was currently looking into the possibility of a school community garden with butterflies.

Before releasing their butterflies the students said they were happy because the butterflies would be able to fly home but sad because they would no longer be part of their class.