Catholic Diocese of Bunbury Bishop Gerard Holohan wishing everyone a Happy Easter

The first words of the Risen Jesus Christ were 'Peace be with you'.

So I wish every reader of the Bunbury Mail, Easter peace.

This is the peace that starts in our hearts and moves us from within to be people of peace for others.

For believers, this is a gift of the Risen Jesus. For believers, Jesus is alive.

They know this from their personal experiences of him, as well as from historical references to his Resurrection.

They pray and gather together to worship, placing before him their life hurts and questions, their lack of life direction and personal weaknesses, their griefs and trials, their temptations to do wrong and problems.

From Christ they experience inner healing and guidance, inner strengthening and consolation, forgiveness and courage.

Christian worshippers are like patients in a doctors surgery.

Each is admitting to weaknesses and yearnings which cannot be met except by Christ. No-one can convince the sceptic that Christ is Risen.

All that can be done is to invite the sceptic to look into his or her heart asking: 'When am I not truly at peace?' and then to bring their emotions to Christ in the ways he taught.

Easter peace to all of you.

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