Heart Foundation encourages males to care of their hearts this Men's Health Week

The Heart Foundation is reminding men and boys to make healthy lifestyle choices with Men's Health Week running from June 10 to 16.

WA Heart Foundation chief executive officer Sarah Fordham said heart disease was responsible for almost 13 per cent of deaths in Australian men.

"While heart disease is a leading cause of death in Australian women too, far more men have heart disease and are at risk of a fatal heart event," she said.

"Men aged 18 to 34 are more than twice as likely than their female counterparts to have four or more risk factors of heart disease."

The theme for 2019 Men's Health Week is 'Keeping Boys and Men Healthy'.

The Heart Foundation is using the week to focus on what men and boys can do to minimise their risk of developing heart problems.

"We are urging men to be good role models for their loved ones," Ms Fordham said.

"We know children tend to tag along for the ride when a parent makes an effort to live a healthier lifestyle."

The Heart Foundation say 30 per cent of men in Australia have high cholesterol and almost 75 per cent are overweight or obese

The foundation is highlighting steps men can take to reduce the risk of heart disease, including getting a Medicare-funded heart health check, being more active, having a heart-healthy diet and quitting smoking.

Meanwhile, the Western Australian Men's Health and Wellbeing Policy has been designed by the WA government in a state first.

"There are many fundamental and compelling reasons to develop this policy and for our government's commitment to do more for men's health," health minister Roger Cook said.

"Men continue to face poorer outcomes than women on many key health and wellbeing indicators.

"This is a much-needed piece of work which outlines clear goals and areas requiring action where men and boys are at higher risk.

"It will lead to real gains, tangible actions and health improvements for men and boys, and for all those working with them, in communities across our state."