Halloween safety a topic in this week's letters to the editor

Empty shop solution

We see all these empty shops in the City CBD and lots of negative talk.

A possible boost would be for tenants to pay a token amount of rent, say $1000 per month, and a clause in the rental agreement that a percentage of turnover goes to the landlord.

This means that the better a business does the better both tenant and landlord do. That gives a Win Win to both parties and encourages both landlord and tenant to get feed back into the centre of the City

James Searle, Davenport

Ward system needed

After the 2019 Local Government elections, the Capel Shire Council needs to seriously think about bringing the ward system back into vogue as Capel and Gelorup are overrepresented while Elgin, Stratham, and Dalyellup are underrepresented and places like Boyanup, North Boyanup, Stirling Estate, Gwindinup, Peppermint Grove Beach, Forrest Beach, The Plains, Ludlow, Capel River, and Upper Capel River are not represented at all.

It is quite clear from the results of the 2019 LG elections that those areas that are overrepresented have a beef with either the Shire of Capel or State Government entities and their main cause is to try and fix their beef by being councillors and this is the wrong way to go about being a councillor when it is expected that they will represent everyone within the shire without fear or favour.

I have already had one successful candidate block me on Facebook because I do not agree with their point of views concerning the BORR and other matters, therefore the CSC must reintroduce the ward system within Capel Shire immediately.

Brian Hastie, Stratham

Be polite this Halloween

First of all I have no issue with people celebrating whatever they want to when they want to but to inflict it on others who do not wish to be involved is in my opinion grossly unfair and invades their rights. The main occasion I refer to is Halloween.

If children really must have their fun they should be accompanied by a guardian or a parent for safety reasons. One does not know what sort of response may be waiting. Secondly, lots of people are old, unwell and usually 'invisible' and they are the ones that do not need 'trick or treaters' knocking on their doors. You know they might actually need some help or someone offering to do a kind deed.

Imagine how nice that would be, instead of a perceived threat that your property you struggle to maintain and afford could be vandalised or whatever. As a Primary School teacher of many years service who believed in lots of fun and games interspersed with or part of learning, the state schools I taught at did not usually participate in the lead up to Halloween.

I would carefully mention to my class the issues/consequences. I have in the past, witnessed my 80 year old neighbours terror at being 'punished' for not having the compliant treats among others including myself being put on the spot.

Valerie Lea, Donnybrook