Getting into new hobbies

Getting into new hobbies

Everyone should find a hobby at this time. Mine? Writing. I'm pleased to have time to write again.

Poodle next to me, lazy - eyed cat on the veranda. Bird sound. Lawn mowers whirring outside.

The sound of rolling rubbish bins (collection day) and strangely, the sound of my fridge.

But I mostly have silence which is important when putting together a piece. Like a friend said: "I'll write again when all is quiet and I can think straight".

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I'm over 60 and instead of becoming my BMI, I'm further distanced from it.

I tried losing the scales which was good at the time but not worth the shock of realising my gain last week.

It came like a bolt from the blue - just like the lightning strike this second. I now have a poodle on my lap and find it hard to type.

Apart from writing this, I have in the past few days examined my garden with an intensity I have not known.

The beauty of nature, the bees and the flowers...a balm for the soul. It always had been, but now more than ever, that beauty points to the wonder and creativity of the universe.

To the great design. And it points to the designer, the omnipresent loving Creator.

Time to stand in wonder of His creation and to deeper worship Him. I'm now also realising gratitude for everything, through everything. I've had time to reflect.

Clearly, for everything there Is a season and a time for everything under the sun.